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Roxanne Kiely - CEO Roxanne Kiely- President / CEO
Singer/songwriter, musician, performer, vocal coach and co-founder of Songsalive! | |

An untiring supporter of fellow songwriters and performers Roxanne co-founded Songsalive! not-for-profit songwriting organisation in 1997. The original Sydney chapter has expanded both nationally and internationally to the U.S. Sponsored locally by the Australasian Performing Right Association, (A.P.R.A.)
Co-founding Songsalive( now Songsalive! U.S.) with Gilli Moon, proved to be a significant event in Roxanne's personal life as well, providing the vehicle whereby she met her future husband, Stephen Kiely, who joined the organisation soon after its formation.
Roxanne has been instrumental in bringing together elements of the industry which simply work well, such as promoting the unusually gifted lyric and composition lecturer, Pat Pattison, Berklee College alumnus, who regularly conducts seminars in Australia, and members of the local communities who have profited from the methods he teaches.

Busy Izzy & Friends author and co-writer

In 2012, Roxanne created “Busy Izzy and Friends”, featuring a 12 year old girl, her eight friends and a little puppy called Newly Truly. The stories use rhythm and rhyme and book one includes a CD of exciting children’s songs, written by Roxanne and Stephen Kiely

Singing Teacher To The "Stars of Today"
Roxanne has many students already successful and high profile stars in the Australian entertainment industry, including the dynamic young performer Marlisa Punzalan, winner of the 2014 series of X-Factor. "Roxanne's intense and creative lessons will allow you to find your voice and develop its potential."
Music School is situated in Sydney's North West and comprises Roxanne and her husband, Stephen.

Future Vision
Anyone who has met or worked with Roxanne in her capacity as a venue, workshop, showcase or event co-ordinator, quickly realises that they are dealing with a passionate supporter of the local music scene, and songwriters in particular.
Her constant contact with all aspects of the industry, including print media, television, artist development companies, copyright associations, pubs, clubs and other venues, help keep her abreast of the rhythm which underlies constant change within the music scene.
Not only as President and CEO of Songsalive!, Australia, but also in her capacity as teacher, producer, company director and, of course, songwriter, Roxanne remains focused on, and extremely excited about the potential for Songsalive! Australia to create and foster great developments for Australian songwriters.

Stephen Kiely - Vice President / Creative Director Stephen Kiely- Vice President / Creative Director | |

After living out of a suitcase for a few years as a touring musician with his band RadioActive, Stephen turned his hand to advertising jingles, and ventured into film score arranging, but his first love is the popular song.

Stephen has been a writer member of APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) for over 25 years, and believes that it is the strong support which APRA gives to the Australian songwriting community which has helped foster its growth into the modern, successful industry it has become.

Joining the original Songsalive! organisation in 1997, became Workshop Director, developed the original Songsalive! website into a cohesive and streamlined interactive experience, and designed the covers for the compilation CD's from the 2nd to the 11th editions.

As a member of the TSC committee, Stephen handles many of the duties associated with The Song Comp, Songsalive! Australia's own songwriting competition.
Together, Roxanne and Stephen have developed the ScoopFX Music Tuition school, which provides one-on-one classes in singing, piano, guitar, bass, vocal and of course, songwriting.

Busy Izzy & Friends co-writer

As co-director in the ever-expanding studios at ScoopFX Music, Stephen has written, performed and produced songs for many of Australia’s rising stars, while creating the complete recordings of the Busy Izzy project, co-written and produced with Roxanne Kiely.  

Dom Gannon - Workshop Director

Dom Gannon - Sydney City Workshop Director

Dom Gannon is a singer/songwriter from Sydney. Buying his first guitar at 10 years old, Dom found his love for music. He continued to learn more about music, teaching himself piano, bass guitar and drums.

Dom spent time completing Certificate IV with A.M.E.B for Classical Singing until he discovered Roxanne Kiely's vocal technique and never looked back.

Dom has just finished recording his debut album, "First Time Round", and is looking forward to the next years of his life with music.
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When: October 29/30th
Where: Victoria & Albert Hotel, Mount Victoria
Facilitators: Allan Caswell and Roger Corbett


One of the best things you can do for your song, especially if you're almost finished, or have just recently finished it, is to bring it to a workshop. 
Having your song listened to, and critiqued by fellow songwriters, often shows up elements which may need addressing, or extending. Sometimes, new ideas flow from the creative reactions to the song, and you find it benefits greatly from having been given a hearing before finally committing it to recording.

Sydney city workshops are held on the first Tuesday of the month at Sydney TAFE, Ultimo
Director: Dom Gannon



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