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Our mission is to support and promote the craft of songwriting in Australia by providing resources, networking opportunities, and professional development for our members.

We aim to foster a thriving community of songwriters and to celebrate the diversity and creativity of Australian music. We believe that songwriting is an essential art form that has the power to inspire, entertain, and bring people together. 

We are committed to advocating for the rights and interests of songwriters in the Australian music industry and to supporting the next generation of Australian songwriters.


Songsalive! Australia workshop in the Mountains

Held over the weekend of October 22-23, 2022, the combined Songsalive! Australia / Tamworth Songwriters Association (TSA) Workshop In The Mountains was yet another successful get-together of like-minded music creators and amazing mentors who, together, made great leaps forward in their respective journeys as songswriters.

Click here to view a few pics of the songwriter attendees and mentors, as they performed songs written during Sunday 23rd, that night.

Workshop Info

Sydney Workshop Director:

Shaun Walker

Sydney workshops

1st Monday of the month

Online: Zoom ID:

Sponsored by APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association

One of the best things you can do for your song, especially if you're almost finished, or have just recently finished it, is to bring it to a workshop.
Having your song listened to, and critiqued by fellow songwriters, often shows up elements which may need addressing, or extending. Sometimes, new ideas flow from the creative reactions to the song, and you find it benefits from having been given a hearing before finally committing it to recording.


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